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Bespoke TeleRadiology Services for Veterinarians

Televet Imaging Solutions (TVIS) was developed to provide diagnostic imaging interpretation services for veterinarians who are looking for a bespoke and personalized service. Using a teleradiology service for your veterinary hospital's diagnostic imaging interpretations can help ensure that your patients receive the most accurate assessment. Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Radiologists are versed in the modality physics and fully understand the limitations and appropriate usage of each imaging modality. They have extensive experience in interpretation of images and how that relates to physiology and pathology. Teleradiologists are able to provide interpretations without the distraction that general practitioners and specialists may unavoidably experience in the hospital setting. Distractions that can lead to subtle but clinically valuable observations being missed.

TVIS is here to provide a personal touch to your diagnostic imaging interpretation needs. You will find improved consistency when all of your studies are read by the same person and your specific needs can be more easily met by a dedicated consultant with whom you are comfortable and who is welcoming to questions and feedback. The TVIS client list is kept small to help ensure that that the highest level of service can be provided whenever possible. At TVIS follow-up questions are answered promptly without additional charges and when helpful to the case, annotated images or 3D reconstructions can be provided, again at no extra cost. Any feedback on services or individual cases is actively encouraged.

A back-up service is available for cases that simply can't wait overnight or over the weekends. That service is provided by a third-party group of radiologists working from their time zone. I will happily provide second opinions should questions arise from those occasional out of hours STAT interpretations.

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