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I don't need orthogonal views......

It's a common battleground between radiologists and other veterinarians. Radiologists always ask for two or sometimes even more views in order to fully evaluate radiographs for the clinical question posed. Sometimes the clinical status of the patient prevents multiple views being taken, but in many cases it is possible to achieve. This is a nice example of why we ask for orthogonal views.

A dog presented to an ER with a non-weight bearing left hindlimb lameness with pain on hip manipulation. VD taken and submitted for review.

Not much to see, but the combination of a non-weight bearing lameness and confidence the problem was the hip meant a lateral view was requested.

Here it's pretty obvious that one of the hips is luxated. With careful evaluation of the width of the femurs and knowledge that this is a left lateral view you can determine radiographically that it is the left limb, although that part is obvious clinically.

This is why we ask for orthogonal or multiple views.

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